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March 15 (the famous "Ides of March") 44 BC Caesar in the Senate was killed by conspirators led by former Pompeians - Mark Junius Brutus and Gaius Cassius Longinus, as well as the former Caesarian Decimus Junius Brutus. 23 wounds were inflicted on the all-powerful dictator by conspirators who rushed to him, who in the bustle crippled each other. And only one wound was fatal. But Rome, after the removal of Caesar, could not turn back, and all the efforts of the conspirators to return the old republic were in vain. Soon they themselves died (see the article "Ancient Rome").

Caesar was one of the most significant figures in the history of Rome. It is from him that the Roman Empire begins its first steps, which lasted another five centuries.

None of the subsequent Roman emperors could compare with the bright and amazing personality of Gaius Caesar from the Julius family, who sometimes committed recklessness with amazing frivolity, but went to the heights of power with incomprehensible firmness. Caesar is much more human than all the rulers of late Rome. He was capable of love and sincere mercy. It is precisely such, and not an arrogant stone statue and an embodied code of laws, that Gaius Julius Caesar appears before us - a writer and a talented diplomat, a brilliant commander and the all-powerful dictator of Rome, who managed to do so little and so much to ensure that his name remained for centuries.

La grève du 19 janvier a rassemblé en moyenne 35% de grévistes dans l’Éducation nationale pour protester contre la réforme des retraites